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Do you hear the sounds of tinkering?

work in progress

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I have been thinking. Of making a few changes to my blog. Which is why I haven’t posted of late.

Also, I have had to replace my computer, which means re-housing all the little pixies that helped me work better (re-installing programs, just in case you were wondering).

As you read this, I am back to behind-the-scenes tinkering/experimenting, with which I’ve been busy with of late.

Will the changes be dramatic? I’m not sure. Let’s just see.



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I’m just a person who loves to travel - as much as you do. We might not be able to see every place in this lifetime, but we can discover little pieces of the world and make them our own. I hope you enjoy my posts and the info n tips help you plan your own trip. Bon voyage!


    • Hi! I do like the way my blog is looking now – wanted to give more prominence to the pictures. Only hitch now is that my home page is not my landing page now. Need to ask for help from the tech guys I guess.


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