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Tips to choose pictures for an exhibition – Xavier Institute’s Photography Workshop – Part 2

In this post, I feature tips on how to select pictures for an exhibition plus I showcase all the pictures that were displayed at the Xavier Institute’s Photography course exhibition.

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Coming back to the post – different photographers’ creations were mixed together for a better display at the exhibition ,but on the right bottom of each picture is the name of the budding shutterbug (full names given below).

In alphabetical order – Aditi Agarwal, Gaurav Pandey, Lubaina Pittalwala, Megha Punater, Namita Badiani, Namit Kakade, Pooja Nagpal, Prachi Gupta, Radhika Behal, Robin Mathew, Robin Thomas, Rufina Fernandes, Tazeen Khan, Vibha Ravi, Vihang Rathod, Vikas Dubey, Vipasha Pai

Here goes –

Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 1 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 4 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 2 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 3 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 5 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 6 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 8 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 9 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 10 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 11 Xavier photography exhibition 2015- 12

Xavier Photography Course April/May 2015 batch

Xavier Photography Course April/May 2015 batch

Now, I would like to share a few tips on which photos make ideal exhibits.

First, go through your pictures and choose a theme. Try to keep color pictures and black & white ones separate (Ideally, just keep one kind in the exhibition).

10 TIPS TO CHOOSE PICTURES FOR AN EXHIBITION – I suggest you choose pictures which/with-

  1. Tell a story
  2. Subjects which stand out or are noticeable for some reason
  3. Few subjects – don’t overcrowd the picture
  4. Bright background if the subject is a subdued color or vice versa (similar tones also work in certain cases, so it depends on the overall effect really)
  5. Close ups of subjects
  6. Minimal background noise unless the background is essential or forms a part of the story
  7. Use either low key (dark background creating high contrast) or high key (white and very bright background again creating contrast) images
  8. Put in a natural frame if possible and if it suits the situation
  9. Show technique (showcasing what you have learnt)
  10. Demonstrate some effort, if possible, in the set up (try different kinds of light, props, positions of subject, camera angles etc.)

If you’re looking for more information on how to go about setting up your own gallery/exhibit click here or here

The judge for this exhibition (April 11, 2015) was Pankaj Anand, a talented young photographer and freelancer. His achievements include cover pictures for the Conde Nast Traveller India, Home Review and SPADE India.

Here is a link to Pankaj Anand’s website – CLICK HERE

NOTE: The watermark of ‘Pixelvoyages’ on the pictures in this post (alone) is only meant to indicate that the photographs of the exhibits were taken by me. The actual photographs belong to me and my wonderful group of friends at the Xavier’s photography workshop.




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