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An anniversary and an award

Shedding old baggage, I made a new beginning 2 years back

Two beautiful years are marked on my calendar today. September 9 is when I put up the first post on my blog.

I thank all my readers for sticking by me and making me feel it’s a worthy pursuit.

While I’m at it, I also humbly accept a doctor’s diagnosis. Dr. Aruna Menon who blogs at ‘Ripples and Reflections’ thought it fit to confer the Liebster Blog Award on this blog. Thanks, Aruna!

(click here to visit her)

As is the norm, I have to list down 11 random facts about myself, answer 11 questions the nominator has asked, list 11 nominees of my own and ask them 11 questions.

So, here goes –

11 random facts about me –

  1. I like subtle/witty advertising. If you’re interested too, sample these ads

Perfetti India for Happydent chewing gum

Tata Safari Dicor

Cadbury 5 star

Camlin Permanent Marker



  1. I wish I could write like the obituary writers at ‘The Economist’ and take pictures like photographers at ‘National Geographic’ magazine
  2. In my opinion, a few must watch Bollywood movies are ‘Jaane bhi do yaaron’ for its brilliant satire, ‘Cheeni kum’ for its unconventional story line, ‘Aandhi’ for its songs, ‘Sholay’ for its cinematography, ‘Kahaani’ for its engaging suspense, and ‘Bandit Queen’ for its powerful portrayal of the brutality of rape
  3. I believe schools should do more to encourage creativity and independent thinking
  4. I don’t have a fixed playlist. I enjoy a wide spectrum of music – from Kishore Kumar to Avril Lavigne, Strings to Michael Jackson…
  5. I am impressed by the power of technology. I can see its positive and disruptive effect on the travel and media industries and am waiting for the dust to settle down
  6. I want companies, especially Indian ones, to permit employees a better work life balance
  7. I am a cleanliness freak
  8. I admire Ranjit Lal who writes on environmental issues and bird watching. He doesn’t know about it. 🙂 Read more about him here and here
  9. I am a mother to one and fret whether or not I do enough for my family
  10. My exercise regimen starts, sputters and stops on a regular basis.

One more –

I thought it would be difficult to list 11 facts about myself and now the number seems too small.


Questions posed by Aruna

  1. Why do you blog?

Because I love it

  1. What is your favorite time for writing?

I prefer mornings, but write whenever inspiration strikes

  1. Do you like social media? Which is your favorite?

Social media is the easiest (and laziest) way of connecting with people. Facebook is my favorite for personal use and Twitter for my blog

  1. Do you like reading? What would you pick as your favorite author or book?

I used to read much more as a kid. Now, I read books that I can put down and pick up during a break in my schedule.

Favorite Author – Jeffrey Archer.  Favorite Book – Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

  1. Do you like to day-dream

Who doesn’t? My favorite is the one where I am a celebrity travel blogger 😉

  1. Do you love pets? Do you have one? Did you have one?

My grandparents had an adorable black Labrador named ‘Moonshine’ who made for a great after school playmate. Though not much of a cat/mice chaser, Moonshine was a high decibel deterrent to the rest (except family).

I have pet plants. Anything in addition would necessitate a lot more patience and energy, not to mention room in space starved Mumbai.

  1. Do you believe marriage is necessary

Two people can love one another as much without the bond of marriage. I believe it’s an individual choice, but in India it’s more difficult to swim against the tide.

  1. Where do you live

I call Thane (near Mumbai) home. My mind is a gypsy.

  1. Do you like to travel

Traveling, combined with photography, rejuvenates me. More remote a place, the more it intrigues me.

10. Do you like poetry

I still remember ‘Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost and ‘O Captain, My Captain’ by Walt Whitman. The medium has power to evoke strong feelings despite its brevity… which is why I follow poetry blogs.

11. What is your favorite cuisine

This one made me think because I’m not a foodie. Vegetarian dishes – Indian and continental – are my thing.

My list of questions for nominees (that they have to answer on their blog while accepting the award) –

  1. What are the top two things on your wish list
  2. List 3 places you have liked the most on your travels so far
  3. Top 2-3 reasons to include a city/country on your travel list
  4. Genre/kind of photography do you like (wildlife, street, portraiture etc.)
  5. Who is the most interesting person you have met
  6. What makes you hit the ‘follow’ button on a blog
  7. Best travel blog/s you have come across
  8. What has helped make you a better blogger
  9. Your favorite quote/book/movie
  10. Which advertisement/TV show do you find the most hilarious
  11. One essential life lesson that you would like to share


Nominated blogs –

1. Digital dexterity

2. Roto Chobin photography

3. Scraps of bread

4.  Debra Hunter

5. Nihilisticle

6. Pavement stories

7. Jitesh Prabhakaran’s blog

8. bNomadic

9. Let’s geog

10. Rusha Sam’s blog

11. Poochandi by Aditya Gangadharan

The rules of nomination prevent me from including blogs with over 1,000 followers. So, I have to leave out others I admire.

However, today I salute every blogger.

Having been at it for some time, I know how much dedication and effort blogging takes. Do join me as I raise a toast to blogging, believing and dreaming.

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I’m just a person who loves to travel - as much as you do. We might not be able to see every place in this lifetime, but we can discover little pieces of the world and make them our own. I hope you enjoy my posts and the info n tips help you plan your own trip. Bon voyage!


  1. Hi Vibha – just discovered your blog, will come back more. BTW: I love Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron. Just thinking the drama scenes makes me laugh even to this day. An amazing movie and my all time favorite.
    Love Ayn Rand – though Atlas Shrugged tops the list for me. Love Poetry too – Hindi, English and Telugu. Started dabbling in writing poems just recently.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for leaving such a detailed comment. Feels good when people share their thoughts with me.
      I used to write poems as a kid, but my brain cells don’t seem to have that kind of juice now. Wish you all the best in your endeavor.
      Will be nice to see you around.

      Liked by 1 person

    • 🙂 :-). Thanks!! Completing the process needs some dedication, but it made me go through a longish list of blogs that I like and had not checked out for some time. All in all a good experience. Give Zoey a hug.


    • Hi Tess. Yours was the first blog I checked out for nomination, however you already have over 1,000 admirers. Which ,no doubt, is good. I like the new look of your blog and the post on Shaolin. Wish you many more happy adventures!


      • Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate it. You’re sweet to do so. ❤ ❤ ❤
        I've grown since my vacation. You're right, others can use the exposure more. I stopped accepting ages ago. Just couldn't keep up with duties and then I fell behind a year, stressed out. Yada yada


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