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Made that long list of new year resolutions? Good. Now dump it.

Nurture happiness

Nurture yourself

2014 is minutes away from a close. 2015 presents us a whole year – of whatever we wish to do.

Maybe your life is already fantastic, maybe it’s nowhere near it….I wouldn’t know.

But don’t we keep trying to change our lives for the better?

It’s not easy – I agree. I struggle with it each day – trying to put more discipline into my life, more meaning….more of so much.

Just got me thinking. That’s where all these new year resolutions come from, isn’t it? Despite knowing that life and people, in particular, are imperfect we want a perfect career, a perfect home, a perfect figure….

Even if we get there, would we still be happy? I’m not sure.

Just saw a few lines from Leonard Cohen’s Anthem that kind of sum up what I want to say –

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in

So, this year let’s not make that long list that goes for perfection.

Let’s just find one thing that we have thought of doing/expressing that might put a smile on someone else’s face.

Take flowers for an ailing granny? Do it. Praise a colleague for a job well done? Do it. Apologize to your friend for the stupid fight you had? Do it. Kiss your child every time he/she looked up innocently? For heaven’s sake, do it already.

In all this though, let’s not forget ourselves.

So, in 2015 gift yourself this – find your creative side and nurture it.

Go sign up for singing classes, take out those rusty brushes, hang that camera around your neck and take a walk…..

It will not make you perfect, but it might make you happier.

 Here’s wishing you my dear readers and friends, a very happy 2015.


P.S. – The image used in this post is my copyright.

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