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To get in touch, please send an email to –


All content on this blog is copyrighted.

However, you can use my photos (with Vibha Ravi in the watermark) for free for a non-commercial purpose. All I request is that you link to the photograph as it appears on my blog and attribute it to me below the image as: Photo courtesy- Vibha Ravi from blog

To obtain this link, click on the picture and paste the resulting url where you wish to use it. Downloading and re-using content implies violation of intellectual property rights of the person to whom these rights belong.

For use with a commercial purpose, please send a mail to A nominal fee could be charged depending on the content and its intended use.

Where the pictures are not watermarked with the name Vibha Ravi, the rights do not belong to me. Should the content belong to a guest author, I’ll provide the email id and you can directly negotiate with her/him for its use and/or purchase.

YouTube videos are not to be copied or used without my permission.


  1. mishtu

    Hi, Please can you give me the details of your guide who took you up Stok Kangri. I am travelling alone from London and will be attemting to climb up Stok in the first week of Sept 2015. I am looking to gte in touch with a guide who can join me for the trak

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