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Go Hollywood in Thailand: Phi Phi or James Bond Island (which tour to take, prices, tips)

The Thai islands near Phuket and Krabi are among the most picturesque ones I have ever come across. Cruising through aqua blue waters, lounging on white sand beaches, and snorkeling with fishes that are every bit as colorful as the ones I see on Discovery Channel makes me realize how worthy Phi Phi and James Bond Island are of their place in tourism brochures.

Local guides talk about Leonardo Di Caprio’s ‘The Beach’ having been filmed on Phi Phi Leh and Roger Moore’s ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ shot on an island which was later named after the enigmatic Mr. Bond. Whether the references are just a way to sprinkle some glamour into the mix or prompt an immediate association in the minds of movie lovers I don’t know, Read More

Chinese fishing net Ashtamudi sunrise

Caught in the net at Ashtamudi

Ashtamudi Lake in Kerala offers one of the best backwaters experience that the South Indian state is so well known for.  Part of a river with little or no current, the backwaters lie parallel to the Arabian Sea Coast – an environment conducive to fishing.… Read More