You can see lots of cute pet dogs at Stanley. Hong Kongers treat them as they would  their own children.
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Stanley Market, Hong Kong – a walk down leisure lane

A dog, cigar dangling from lips and teeth slightly bared, seems about to spew “What is the interest for my family?” (‘Godfather’) or some such dialogue from a mafia based movie. His neighbor, a cow in a tie, stares at me with tiny, gleaming eyes. This isn’t some weird dream, though.

I’m at Stanley Market in Hong Kong and these are just harmless creatures painted on canvas. A street market stocked with reasonably priced souvenirs and sundry impulse purchase items like hats, Stanley stands out in my mind because of quirky paintings like these, and that of Tintin and the inimitable Captain Haddock racing down a street in a Ford. Read More

Chinese fishing net Ashtamudi sunrise

Caught in the net at Ashtamudi

Ashtamudi Lake in Kerala offers one of the best backwaters experience that the South Indian state is so well known for.  Part of a river with little or no current, the backwaters lie parallel to the Arabian Sea Coast – an environment conducive to fishing.… Read More