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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme for this week is Endurance.

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I thought of pottery/earthenware for all that it endures and remains beautiful nevertheless.

Indian pottery - ceramic kettle

Indian pottery – ceramic kettle

Here is my ode to it –

Kneaded, twisted

And burnt in the kiln

I emerge

Only to be

Heated on the stove

Shoved in the freezer

Serving hot, serving cold

Soup, soap and sundry my insides hold

But I don’t complain ‘coz

The bullock cart your children drag around

Decorations the potter makes

Save me from certain death

In today’s plastic age



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I’m just a person who loves to travel - as much as you do. We might not be able to see every place in this lifetime, but we can discover little pieces of the world and make them our own. I hope you enjoy my posts and the info n tips help you plan your own trip. Bon voyage!


    • So said John Keats ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’. Well, in this case till it falls to the ground. Artisans spend so much time and effort on the creation and it could come to naught any time. A life lesson here?


  1. dnambiar11

    Lovely picture.
    Those lines go so well with the pics; makes us look at life from the pot’s perspective. 🙂


    • Glad you liked it. Yup, putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes would make the world a better place. Problem is, many are unable to share their troubles so the other person has no idea what the shoe should feel like. 😉


    • Hey Ravish. Thanks for the appreciation. This is my first post with a bit of poetry, written as the words tumbled out. As a child, I fancied myself a poetess. Now I’m more realistic about this ability. 😉


    • Heh, heh – we share this trait then. I have to be very careful around pottery. Parents with young kids especially would not want too much of it around.:-)
      Thanks for the appreciation and the visit.
      And yes, I got your message saying you meant ‘limited’ and not ‘lilted’.


  2. I hadn’t thought of pottery, but I should have. Whenever I travel, I’m drawn to the pottery of a particular region or culture. The endurance part is up to us to continue the tradition of making or buying and saving! Thanks for posting these nice pics.


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