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Bhandup Salt Pans, Mumbai

Bhandup Salt Pans in Mumbai

Bhandup Salt Pans in Mumbai

The Bhandup salt pans, spread across 500 acres along the Eastern Express Highway in Mumbai, are a salt mining site.

Along with the Bhandup Mangroves and the Pumping Station, these salt pans attract several migratory birds to the area.

Organizations like BNHS (Bombay Natural History Society) and photography academies like DCP Expeditions arrange walks to the site. So, on holidays and over weekends, you can spot nature enthusiasts with their binoculars and cameras walking in search of birds.

Sadly though, in a city where land is gold, builders are eyeing this prime space for development. According to the Maharashtra state government, Mumbai has 5,378 acres of salt pan land and 1,672 acres of such land can be developed.

The Central government claims that the pans belong to it and has warned anyone from getting into sale or lease agreements with respect to the land. Read more here

Non-governmental organizations like Vanashakti are fighting against using areas like the Bhandup mangrove forest for development. Read more here

As citizens, we make a plea to the Central Government to protect this land and develop Bhandup as a bio-diversity tourist attraction rather than give over salt pans and mangroves to builders.

Do you think Bhandup’s salt pans and mangroves should be protected? Take the poll to show support (poll closes in a week)



  1. Sid - The Wanderer

    This is very interesting…never knew such a place actually existed! I am certainly going there for some photography. Is it possible only through these organized walks?


    • Hi Siddartha! Welcome to my blog. No – you can go on your own too. However, it would be advisable to take someone along as the place is quite deserted. It’s just that with organized walks, not only do you make new friends but also you have the safety of numbers.


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