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Indian Berries – Summer treats

Indian summer berries

While the mango is considered ‘king of fruits’ in India, summer brings with it more than just this delight.

In this picture, you can see raspberries at the bottom, black mulberries in the middle, and cherries to the right. The other ones I like are Cape Gooseberry (called ‘Rasbhari’ in Hindi) and Blackberry or Java Plum (called ‘Jamun’).

Click here to know about more Indian fruits.

India’s hill stations like Manali, Mussoorie, and Auli have an amazing variety of fruits.



  1. Where do we get these in India?? :O I just resigned myself to the fact that I’ll have to spend a bomb everytime I want to taste berries. I can pick them for free?!


    • The pic is from one of my visits to North India. Luckily, you can get even more variety – gooseberries, lychees etc. Maharashtra’s hills like Mahabaleshwar are known for strawberries. My absolute favorite is the lychee (an internet search shows me it belongs to the soapberry family).


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