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Naini Lake, Nainital – things to do, places to see


Naini Lake in Nainital is one of the most visited lakes in India. As the sun’s rays beat down across India in the summer, people escape to cooler hill towns like Nainital for respite.  To give you an idea of how hot it gets in some other parts of India, 2016 saw the country’s highest temperature ever at over 50 degree celsius or 120 degree fahrenheit at Phalodi in Rajasthan state.

Surrounded by seven hills, Naini lake has the bustling Mall Road, Tibetan market,  and the much revered Naina Devi temple, after whom the town is believed to have been named, on its periphery. A rickshaw ride down the leafy Mall Road will allow you a view of the lake and a row boat will give you a joy ride  on its waters.

If you’re wondering what else to do near Naini Lake, you could walk around admiring some of the colonial era buildings like the Boat House Club, do some shopping, visit the temple, or grab a bite at restaurants in that area – Ashok restaurant serves good vegetarian food. The Nainital Zoo is believed to have some exotic animals, but since I haven’t been there I can’t comment on whether it’s worth a visit. Eco Cave Gardens, Snow view point, Tiffin Top, and Bhimtal are other places to drop in.

Hotels with a view of the lake tend to be priced higher than ones tucked in the lanes, but watching a sunrise or sunset on the lake makes it worth the additional cost.

Refer to this Tripadvisor link for more information on sightseeing.



  1. The lake looks inviting… but seriously, 50 degrees?? That’s frightful weather, the water would probably be enough to boil an egg…

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    • Sorry, I was talking about the weather in certain parts of India – the 50 degrees applies to Rajasthan, an Indian state which is generally one of the hotter ones.
      I was pointing out that compared to these, hill stations like Nainital are much cooler and hence, people from other parts escape to the cool hill stations.

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      • I’m sorry! I must got ahead of myself and drew my own conclusions… Whao, no wonder the cooler pastures would be well sought after.

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    • Yup, Mall Road turns into a mass of human bodies. But it’s still better than Mussoorie given that the roads are broader.
      The topography just means that hill stations are short on space and hence, high on crowds. The trick is to be up and about early in the day.

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  2. That is a beautiful shot of Naini Lake. I have such lovely memories with one of my closest friends there. Her parents live there and once we went up China Peak for a hike and then doused our hunger with dahi and hot, crisp jalebis. The joy of it, ah!

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