Fisherman against backdrop of Bandra Worli sealink
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Fisherman against backdrop of Bandra-Worli sealink

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I’m just a person who loves to travel - as much as you do. We might not be able to see every place in this lifetime, but we can discover little pieces of the world and make them our own. I hope you enjoy my posts and the info n tips help you plan your own trip. Bon voyage!


  1. Arun

    Vibha, this is a wonderful picture. It captures the expanse of sea and the sky and the fact that the human being is so small against it. The bridge signifies a symbolic connection between the sea and the sky. My interpretation.


    • Totally agree. There is a spiritual connect to so many things we see in nature. Maybe that’s why we like to travel – it helps you reflect, connect with your inner self and realize that you are just one part of this universe.


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