Royal Bengal White Tiger
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Royal Bengal White Tiger

Royal Bengal White Tiger


An excerpt from “Tiger Tiger Fading Fast”, by Gordon J.L. Ramel

Tiger tiger fading fast

in the shadow we have cast,

what brave law or business deal

can thy future’s safety seal.


What the future, what the hope

that humankind may learn to cope

with life and maintenance of breath

without this need of needless death.

(The above poem is a parody based on the work of William Blake titled ‘The Tyger’ (Source –

I would love to say that I took this picture while on a safari, but I didn’t. This is a Royal Bengal Tiger at the Nandankanan Zoo in Bhubaneshwar.

India has over half the world’s tigers. According to a March, 2011 tiger census report by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the current Indian tiger population is estimated at 1,706.

As per Wikipedia, the Indian tiger population at the turn of the 20th century was estimated at 20,000 to 40,000 individuals. Poaching and habitat destruction/fragmentation have been the main causes for an alarming fall in numbers.

‘Project Tiger’ was launched by the Indian government in 1973 to ensure a viable population of Bengal tigers in their natural habitats. However, it has had limited success. 😦




  1. We had a similar decline in wolf populations in the US, but that has been partially reversed through conservation efforts. Wolves were extinct in my state of Michigan, but now number in the low hundreds. So, it can be done!


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