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A penny for his thoughts

A penny for his thoughts

I thought I would do something different today.

Featured above is a little boy lost in thought – daydreaming perhaps? I am sure all of us do that – you might dream of having your own business one day, of taking that round-the-world (ROW) trip, of throwing fistfuls of (real) money in the air or perhaps your graduation day cap?

I invite fellow bloggers/readers to guess what he might have been thinking. Come to think of it 🙂 (no, am not going for semantic satiation here), he might just have been in a thoughtless state – you know the kind where you are just in a  blissful state of mind, where all you are doing is observing – without prejudice or deliberate contemplation?

If you think so, you could share your own dreams – whether they come to you in the day or night. The ball is in your court now. Let’s hear it.

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I’m just a person who loves to travel - as much as you do. We might not be able to see every place in this lifetime, but we can discover little pieces of the world and make them our own. I hope you enjoy my posts and the info n tips help you plan your own trip. Bon voyage!


  1. K Ganesh

    You have given us a lead, he may be in a state of bliss, but the question for me is what is he doing there? Did he bunk school so he could frolic there, and is he thinking of the consequences if he was found out?
    Is he self-conscious and looking determinedly away from the watching Blogger?
    is he wondering what cash reward he would get from the Blogger because he has posed for this pic?
    Is he planning to make a Huckeberryan little raft and float away and find out where this stream ends?
    Is he wondering if he will end up in the Bhatsa lake or worse ,in one of those water-pipes running away into Bombay,…
    Well the imagination boggles..
    Does your imagination also boggle Oh Blogger?..


  2. This one bites. The young boy is dreaming about the big catch, the fish to win the Derby. You see, his grandfather thought him about fishing but he has recently passed on. The young fellow wants to win for his grandpa.


    • You won’t believe this – shortly before I took the picture, the kid was actually trying to fish! I don’t think he caught any but, the joy on his face and those of his friends brought a smile to mine.


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